Boston’s Best SAT Tutor Reviews

The experience at BostonsBestSATTutor was amazing.  Our son Cameron went from a 1210 to a 1440 in only 6 months. Jim is an incredible tutor.  His reputation in Lexington, MA is the best of the best. Jim’s test center is elite and offers practice tests on demand that really prepared Cam for the rigors of the 3 hour tests.

—Diane, Lexington, MA

Our experiences with Mr. Clarke were always fun, energetic, and educational. He came to our house once a week for our son. He scored a 1550/1600 from a 1300. Then we referred him to all our friends. He is the very best SAT tutor. We are profoundly grateful.

—Alan, Wellesley, MA

Mr. Clarke’s test center in North Attleboro is a great place for practice tests. The secretaries are always friendly and he is very accommodating. They even serve the kids snacks and lunch. My daughters improved their scores and actually looked forward to seeing him. Just the best experience. He is highly recommended.

—Christine, Wellesley, MA

Jim is a tremendous COLLEGE COACH, not just SAT/ACT. He called all of my daughter Amy’s schools for her, helped her with college essay, applications, and SAT. We loved him. He was so resourceful and connected. His SAT strategies helped Amy so much (and her friends). The highest of recommendations for the world’s best SAT tutor.

—Mia, Newton, MA

Mr. Clarke was Jacob’s bright light this year. He was struggling in school and Jacob needed a pick-up academically. Mr. Clarke was a very good SAT tutor for him. Now he has a 1430 and is getting into his top colleges.

—Miranda, Concord, MA

Jim’s help really motivated my son to score his best on the SAT Test. His help allowed Max to get a 1350 and get into UMASS Honors. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.

—Frank, Sharon, MA

Mr. Clarke was integral in our son’s experience this summer at our Midtown apartment. He came every weekend. The trips to the West End apartment were a joy. He helped get Mia into Harvard! We are forever indebted to this brilliant young man!

—Laurel, Boston, MA

Senor Clarke helped my sons a great deal as a loving tutor. We love him much. He do so well with their learning styles.

—Herman, Hyde Park, MA

Jim was a solid tutor for my daughter and her friends. Her scores improved wildly over the course of 3 tests. In addition, he helped us with college essays and applications. Just an incredible tutor for any occasion. We love him and miss him. Highly recommended.

—Abu, Boston, MA

James certainly exceeded our expectations. A genius tutor with extensive SAT experience, he adapted to our daughter’s learning style, and she scored nearly a 1500.

—Charles, Franklin, MA

Jim was terrific for our son and daughter. Our daughter was extremely bright and scored a 1580 with him while our son struggled. However, due to Jim’s expertise and patience, our son scored a 1350, an amazing test score considering that he barely is a B student in school. We love Jim and can’t say enough good things about this spectacular teacher and person.

—Rick, Attleboro, MA

Throughout our year with Jim, his love for our sons and our family was apparent. He worked so hard for their 1500+ scores, even coming late at night to go over practice tests. Jim’s new test center is state of the art with a full classroom and office and secretaries. First class operation. Jim truly is Boston’s Best SAT Tutor. All the best.

—Amy, Wrentham, MA

We were referred to Jim through a friend of the family. We didn’t know what to expect until our daughter increased her score 200 points from PSAT to SAT. She loved working with Jim. He is intelligent and extremely skilled at teaching the math especially. 100/100 tutor. Just amazing. Thank you!

—Terrance, Norfolk, MA

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