Online to In Center Homeschooling

Online Homeschooling Programs For Middle & Highschool Students

Boston’s Best SAT Tutor has developed online homeschooling services in response to the massive demand for study skills and public/private school replacement learning. Many districts and schools in the 6-12 grade range are not able to return to the classroom.

We offer the best online homeschool programs that will supplement instruction for enrolled students who are not in the classroom this school year or who are only part time.

Offered Courses: Monday through Friday

1. Study Skills/Homework Help Classes
2. English Middle School and High School
3. Math Middle School and High School
4. History Middle School and High School
5. Science Middle School and High School
6. SAT Prep
7. College Coaching


Course Time and Dates:

September through December: 18 weeks: $2,500.00
September through June: 40 weeks: $5,000.00

All books and resources provided.

Our Learning Center consists of three rooms. One classroom, and a 40 seat learning center that will accommodate middle and high school students daily and nightly.

Please call 857-389-8443 or email for more information.

Our Learning Center is at 28 North Washington Street North Attleboro, MA 02760

Dedicated to Success

Having over 11 years of experience has allowed me to design programs that show results with any student.  All my program information is listed below with additional information.

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