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  • Jim is the best SAT tutor in the world. My scores went up 423 points and I got into Tufts, BC, and Northeastern, my dream school! He is the man . Creative methods and cutting edge strategies!
    Lyndsey: Canton, MA
  • Jim is a genius. The best tutor and teacher I have had. I was stuck in the 500's and no one could help me except Jim. His methods and strategies took me into the 700's, even in critical reading! I can't say enough. You are the best!

    Lauren: Cambridge, MA
  • I had Jim for ACT and SAT tutoring and I was amazed at how knowledgeable he is with both. I ended up with a 34 on my ACT Test and a 2220 on my SAT test after very modest beginnings haha! Now he is helping me with my College Essay! Why not I guess. Thanks again!

    Huang: Sharon, MA
  • A trustworthy, ethical, detail oriented, and brilliant teacher who helped my daughter so much in her quest for good SAT scores. She went up almost 600 points with the 40 hour program. The strategies, resources, free books, and the practice tests were all so helpful. When we met Jim, we just trusted him so much. When you meet someone special who is working to help you, you just realize it right away. Jim was this teacher for us. We love him and hope the very best for him just as he did for us!!Sheila: Parent, Bedford, MA
  • He truly is Boston’s best tutor. As a Chinese student, I always have been perfect in math but I thought that my cause hopeless in critical reading and writing. With his 40 hour program, Jim brought me from a sad 390 in reading to a 650 and from the 400’s to a 660 in writing. Instead of applying to state schools, I now am applying to Georgetown, UNC, Villanova, and other great schools. I am forever happy and grateful to him.

    Xia: Wayland, MA
  • I decided to give BBT with my son a shot for my New SAT preparation and so far, it is pretty amazing. He BOMBED the psat’s back in the fall in school. After the 20 hour program, we are ordering 20 more hours since his scores have skyrocketed. No one had ever taught Eric grammar and reading strategy until Jim came along. We are grateful. Highly recommended! What a teacher!Martha: Parent, Sudbury, MA
  • Jim really helped me with test strategies. He taught me to attack the test and to always think and analyze every step of the way. I didn’t think I could pull off even a decent score but with Jim’s help, my scores went up 150 points in reading and another 140 in writing. I am so happy. I could not have done it without him.

    Daniel: Wrentham, MA
  • Jim's methods are the best. I scored a perfect 800 in SAT writing and a 750 In Reading. Now I am applying to Ivy League! Thank you so much !
    Dan, Concord, MA
  • Sign up for his 20 hour program everyone. You won’t regret it. My scores went from 590, 620, 590 to 730, 700, 740 during this time. Jim is a great teacher and a great person and communicator. He made SAT prep super fun. I looked forward to our sessions together every week

    Emma: Concord, MA