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About Jim:

Boston's Best Tutor, Boston, MA

As a caring, kind, compassionate , family oriented, results-obsessed, expert high school teacher and tutor in my 30's, I have tutored and taught over 2,000 students in SAT Preparation classes, privately, semi-privately, and in small and large classroom settings. I have been honored and humbled to teach and tutor many wonderful, aspiring students. I have presided over unbelievable SAT results. After all my years of teaching and tutoring students of all ethnicities, races, and abilities, I have finally solved the riddle of test preparation for hundreds of students. I also have tutored for numerous private companies throughout the Boston and Providence areas. With my experience, I have developed an incredibly successful system for high level achievement on SAT critical reading and writing. My true passion is to work with high school students one on one, either online or in person. I will not rest until your student achieves the amazing results that he/she, and you, have dreamed of. I truly am the best SAT and ACT tutor in the region and one of the top in the world. We tutor the NEW SAT test to be administered beginning in March of 2016 as well as for ACT, MCAS, GRE, AP and for the college admission process. Sign on today for a free first session and a consultation.

My Personal Experience:

  • Massachusetts Certified Teacher & Tutor

  • 11 years teaching in the classroom and 11 years of test preparation tutoring

  • NEW SAT EXPERT: New Tests Start in March 2016

My Personal Highlights:

  • Averaged 426 point growth in SAT writing and critical reading alone (among world’s best growth)

  • Averages 7.1 point ACT growth in English and in Reading

  • Voted 7 time teacher of the year by my high school students

  • Presided over highest MCAS results in district and at the very top of the state in 2013, 2014, and 2015

  • Experienced student growth of 81, 81, 83, 86, and in 2015, 95 SGP (student growth percentile) on MCAS ELA Examination for Grade 10 students. (All district high numbers)

  • I have spent HUNDREDS of hours MASTERING the NEW SAT and test changes

  • Over 2200 Students Tutored and Taught

  • Ivy League Recommended


  • Sign up for his 20 hour program everyone. You won’t regret it. My scores went from 590, 620, 590 to 730, 700, 740 during this time. Jim is a great teacher and a great person and communicator. He made SAT prep super fun. I looked forward to our sessions together every week.Emma: Concord, MA
  • As a parent, I was apprehensive about the BBT program at first. I had tried Kaplan and some of the other programs for my daughter. They were good teachers and programs, but once we tried Jim and BBT, the improvements came fast for Samantha. I was so impressed with how he customized her lessons and gave her wonderful new strategies. Her scores improved almost 500 points overall and now she is up to a 2120!! I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. You are highly recommended!!Annika V: Parent, Boston, MA
  • 800, 800, 800. Enough said. He is the man. What a program. Great teacher. I can’t say enough!
    Vijay: Newton, MA